Welcome to Krishna Merchants Pvt. Ltd.

The founders of Krishna Merchants Private Limited have been pioneers in the field
of Granite Mining in India for over 25 years now!

Our Story

When we commenced operations two and a half decades ago, the industry was still relatively young and the belt of granite we mine was relatively untapped and unexplored. Ever since then, the Indian Granite Industry has flourished and is widely recognized across the world for its aesthetic appeal as well as its durability.
We have built a reputation for ourselves solely on the basis of consistent quality. We commit ourselves to ensure that we uphold this tradition.
Our mines in Srikakulam have granite of the finest grade. The organized and meticulous process that we follow day in day out to extract the precious resource helps us to maintain our foremost objective of customer satisfaction.

Our Products

We pride ourselves on the premium quality granite that we produce.
Our mines in Srikakulam are reserves of the highest calibre of granite.
The blueish-purple coloured granite that we mine first got famous as "lavender blue granite" due to the resemblance of its beautiful colour to that of the flower lavender. Ever since then, the slight variations in colour have led to many new names such as Vishakapatnam Blue, Srikakulam Blue or Orion Blue.
This granite is renowned across the world for its unique features- especially it's long-lasting nature and aesthetics.
The durability of the product makes it apt for use in buliding material, flooring, decorative monuments, artwork and other construction-related activity. Furthermore, it's beautiful colour and gleam make it the perfect material to craft decorative artworks.


The present global scenario demands fundamental changes in the outlook of industrialists. We envision a company which not only betters itself every day but also takes every necessary measure for holistic development of the community it is a part of; we aim to market Indian Granite across the globe and give it the pedestal it deserves.

Our primary mission has always been to produce perfectly shaped blocks of premier quality granite, to deliver to clients beyond expectations and within deadlines and to keep in mind the interests of all stakeholders and the community at large.



Our Forefathers stressed that ethics must come above everything else, if one wants to run a reputable establishment.
The strength of every business relationship is built upon the basic foundation stone of ethical standards. Therefore, we ensure that every representative of our company lives up to the ethical standards and core principles set forth by the organization.

Uncompromising quality

Customer above all else

Adherence to laws

Environment friendly

Concern for employees

Community interests

Timely delivery


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