How To Organise Autocad 2d Model To Revit Architecture 3d Model

5 Aug 2018

Civil Engineer

It is very difficult to organize the whole setup from starting with the 2D model, But here I  discuss the most effective way to organize the 2D AutoCAD Model to 3D Model,  with the perfection and Effectively.

Here we are designing the whole 3D structure in Revit, AutoCAD having the  Visualization in 3D but I recommend and my personal preference is Revit Architecture. The steps I am talking about is very simple.

First of all, what you need, you to need a Layout Drawing in AutoCAD, you already know that AutoCAD is the basic layout tools and simplest way to draw with professionalism. When you draw in AutoCAD you should engage the following steps
1) Unit.
The unit is the basic setup when you start the Autocad drawing.
then select the Architectural of engineering scale according to your preferences.
then draw your plan and create a layout.
2D to 3D
After opening the working page and set up the unit by press the key "UN"
the set the revit units with the AutoCAD Units.
Now, this is one of the ways to overcome the problem, but the best way to do the unit setup is Auto Unit setup.
So let's find out the way.
1) Go to Insert and choose LinkCAD or Import CAD, Now this two types of options give you the different prospects, in short,
the CADlink is used  to insert the cad file to revit file and the file must be saved in DWG format,and the Actual CAD File changes the whole changes and you can use any CAD drawing you need to Attach.

But for Import CAD you should Choose the single file to convert 2D to 3D.and it is also helpful because any changes act on the main drawing their will be no changing in the revit file.

So I recommend using Link CAD file for uploading the layout plan drawn in 2D.

2)If you draw the cad file With the layers, please don't need to delete the layers, Revit gives you the option to delete or Stored revit as it is, you draw in AutoCAD.

3.)Choosing the CAD DWG file, and there have lots of changes you need to do,

The pic attaches you can see the option you need to choose, here the color the positioning and the units you might have changing with your preferences, here I am showing you the most effective way to choose the DWG file and import to Revit Architecture.


For choosing the if you choose the origin to origin you should set the origin for Revit Aswell as AutoCAD,the center to center positioning should require,So recommended to use Centre to centre ,when you choose center to center then the Layout you selected is placed in Revit File along the centre.,the each side projection or elevation you can see easily.

now when you come to the level, the first DWG floor always says for 1st Floor level than in Revit you need to choose the 2Nd level for choosing the 2nd-floor plan with same way to choose DWG with Link CAD. And if you have the typical section then don't need to choose again, go to elevation create the floor elevation mark, by LL command and Choose pick lines and do the elevation.


                                                                           The Layout present in the center

If you want to eliminate the layers, you can eliminate when you choose the cad file by click on the option LAYERS and LEVELS.

of after importing the file you can choose the whole plan and at the top of the user panel at the right side you can be notified by deleted layers there you clicked and choose the layers you want to delete.

Then you need to create the wall by selecting as same as you already created the layout for each, outer and inner wall.

So select wall as I shown and told you in my previous choose the walls and door as you already know the way to draw in revit draw.

I show you one of the works that I worked by importing the cad drawing. 

The G+3 Building 

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