Status Bar In Autocad

22 May 2018

Civil Engineer

The status bar is the most used portion of working in AutoCAD, each and every step of the drawing depends on the Status bar.status bar displays the cursor location, drawing tools, and tools that affect your drawing environment.

It is visible at the lower portion of a right side.


The Status bar consists of many tools, which requirement is very important when you are going through any drawing. You can toggle settings such as grid, snap, polar tracking, and object snap. You can also access additional settings for some of these tools by clicking their drop-down arrows.


All tools are mentioned maybe you could not found because some of the tools you need to customize all by can choose what tools to display from the Customization menu, the right-most button on the status bar. The tools displayed in status bar after (clicking the customization button) sometimes it may vary, you cant find the tools you need, the status bar might change depending on the current workspace and whether the Model tab or a layout tab is currently displayed.


The best way is to use keyboard operation to find the tools, it very easy, needs one button to choose your tools and after pressing that button to activate the required tools.

For example, when you need to on the orthomode you can  see in the picture of status bar the blue color signify that the ortho mode is on beside of an orthomode you can see the others mode of work also on in that same time.

Just type F8 to initiate to activate the orthomode.

In this way, you can use all your tools by pressing a button. Not only F8 is there is you need others tools 

pressing F1 to F12, each and every switch is assigned to a different tools

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