View Cube In Revit Architecture

17 May 2018

Civil Engineer

The use of the View Cube to navigate and maintaining the orientation of the Workspace design or model whatever you can adjust the model by adjusting the view cube.

The easiest techniques applied by here in the viewport it is very easy to use, very persistent. you can drag it any position to another position, It is clickable, It is very easy to find, you could find it at the top of the right side of the Working Space when you starting the Revit, After that, if you want you just drag it and change its position. 

The ViewCube tool provides visual feedback about the current viewpoint of the model as view changes occur. When the cursor is positioned over the ViewCube tool, it becomes active. Now you can move or rotate the model present in a drawing space .just click on the right portion to orient the model right, and the changes the leveling or the editing part whatever thing you want to do you can.


Cube features in Revit
View cube in Revit Architecture looks like a cube itself with the direction put in it, all the four directions to the south-north East and west direction is also present at the bottom like circle portion.
Viewcube has only present when the drawing must be open at the 3D view. If you have the drawing open with top view floor plan space then the Viewcube is not present there. The uses of viewcube are very easy and plenty of adjustment are there. In addition to controlling the inactive opacity level of the ViewCube tool, you can also control the following properties for the ViewCube tool:
  • Size
  • Position
  • Default orientation
  • Compass display

The compass, I just mentioned you earlier the most useable portion and the way is also useful. The compass gave at the bottom of the view cube. And the way users choose and the side of the elevation, which wall or house you need to do

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