How To Join A One Roof To Another

17 May 2018

Civil Engineer

Roof join is one of the very important parts when you go through the Dormer opening, this process is very important.

You can join a roof to the top face of another roof and the wall below that roof if you select the wall as the target. The wall must be attached to the target roof and the target roof must be a footprint roof. You cannot join a roof to more than one top face of another roof.

The process I talking about is especially for roof join but you can use it in the various portions of your drawing where ever it needed.

After you sketch walls and a roof for your design, sketch another roof that you want to join to the original roof.

Note that you cannot add the second roof by editing the sketch of the first

for Roof to roof join this following steps you need to follow.

1. You have to make a roof with roof by foot prints>> choose Boundary line or slope arrow.

2. Before you choose this option you need to specify the levels.

3. For that, you have to give the level in which portion you will create the join or dormer opening, specify the height.

4. Choose any of the options to draw the roof and define the slope and offset if you are interested to give.

5.For easier to use you may need view cube to spin that to your required positions.

6. Then select a side for applying the roof extrusions on the main roof.

7. Here you choose the pick a plane to restrict the further drawing on that particular selected area, and the upper level of the roof start a line by pick lines. You already see in this picture how I draw the line.

8.after click on right button to complete, the roof created on that particular portion. you can see in the picture we have a dormer roof from on end to another, select on end and drag it to another way.

10. Then click the modifying bar then select the join unjoin button to join one dormer roof to another main roof.

11.afetr clicking the join unjoin button click on the edge of the dormer roof in which position to connect to the main roof, and then click on the opposite face of the dormer joining face.

12.then it will automatically join with the dormer roof and the main roof.

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