Easiest Way To Create Dormer Opening In A Roof

15 May 2018

Civil Engineer

Dormer is the attractive part of a traditional building or a modern house we can say a house in every part of the world.

various types of the process you may go through for dormer opening.

Let's start with dormer opening. I always try to create each and every drawing with a several techniques, its not only extend my knowledge of  the particular field but it helps me to go smoothly when I have my projects, because when you have an only one techniques to do then it might have some problem to arise ,and you need to know other techniques to recover it,so always try to know the couple of techniques  for a smooth drawing.

1st technique
My first experience about dormer opening was so bad, I forgot every time when I learned about the opening. the time need to learn about dormer is very fast, it depends on how you will think about this techniques,.faster you know the better you are performed on it, so here are the first techniques.
Started with a simple sketch or model whatever you say.

1. Make a house with an e.g. 3000x3000 mm square. and after that go for the top view

2. Go to the top Bar select Architecture> click on roof pin>select roof by footprint.

3. select the Boundary line right side portion and select all the four side of the top of the wall, and a slope   triangular mark you will see,this mark denoted that all four side you draw has a slope ,you can manage that slope by tick off or tick on Define slope button at the top of the drawing space. escape button to see in a realistic mode that you have a simple 3000x3000 house with a roof having four side slope.

5.the go to elevation option on the right-hand side of the drawing space, the place a height level, as you can see in the picture.
type LL>if you need any offset you already know, then put the offset and just select pick lines and>and select the given level line.

6. After placing the level line go for the roof extrusion.

7. Select any one side of 3D drawing space and go for the roof by extrusions then select a level and then pick a plane option from a popup open after clicking the roof extrusion.

8. Another popup opens click on ok button and with a line draws a dormer cutting edge same as you look in this picture.

9.after you draw this you click on the green right button and you will find the two sides define slope dormer roof.

10.drag the roof from one end to another end like you can see in this given picture.
then go for modifying tools and click on the join unjoin button to join the split dormer roof with the main roof by footprint.

join unjoin button>click on the dormer roof face>click on the main roof face(make sure your 3D drawing having a proper one-sided when this process you are passing).

11.then the dormer roof and the main room joins with each other.

12. Then in 3D view go for the top option >wall>wall height prefer1500 or take as your preferences>top of the bar location line>finish face interior>slect top side >draw a wall at the other potion of dormer line. As you can see in this picture.

13. Then after drawing of a wall, you can drag it below the dormer roof. and select the wall and then select the Attach top to base option to attach the front opening of the Dormer.

14.then change the visual style realistic to wireframe>go to architecture>go to the right side to modified roof profile select dormer. the dormer then click on the main roof, after clicking the roof you will find pick roof wall edges >by that you select the edge of the inner roof of dormer roof for eliminating or cut out the inner portion to create a proper dormer opening. can see the picture. for which portion you need to work and why you need the wall edges to eliminate.
17. After choosing the inner line you can see the picture, the inner portion of the dormer wall remove mu the cutting edges you applying now. can see when the 3D drawing you rotate, from the inner side you can see the shape of the Dormer you just created.

19. Now go to the component to add a window see in this picture, and add in the front wall.
In this way you can create a dormer OPening, This is the one type Process we have done, I discuss another way.

2.2nd Technique

This technique is very similar means the process little bit a same but there has some process you have done earlier in the previous techniques here some of the technique you have to use later. Let's start.

1.Ater making the footprint and the wall.

2. you have to draw a wall, you have drawn in the previous process, but the difference is in this process you don't have a dormer roof now.

As you see in this picture, the wall already drawn at the top of the roof.

3.then you need to add the height of the wall.

4. Now go for architecture>roof by foot print>Boundary wall>by selecting, have to draw the define slope roof for the Dormer.

5.after this you need to join the dormer roof with the main roof, so the same process we need to cover here.

7.after this the wall you made, go for the option de attache top base in a modifying wall option and select the wall first then the roof you need to de-attach.

10. Now the same process you need to repeat from this point I told you in the previous techniques.

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