How To Setup The Autocad Classic

5 May 2018

Civil Engineer

AutoCAD users having an issue with the Classic Setup, when I just start my drafting software to use, then classic setup or you could say that a  classic setup was very much difficult for me.

So I have also recovered the setup of classic, so the first thing was in my mind for that I am very much scared of an obsession with a classic. I thought that it was the most difficult one to set up in AutoCAD and though I was not so new to handle AutoCAD, in college I use to manage this software couple of times, But here I am discussing with you some of the crucial points about AutoCAD and AutoCAD Classic.

In this blog, I am going to share some of the shortcut secrets about classic and the setup and how to manage the Classic. And the most complementary portion is that why we use classic in place of Drafting and Annotation.
 is the last year to end classic to direct setup installed in  AutoCAD, After the version of AutoCAD modified day by day and upgraded with high techniques so the drafting and annotation is the main area of the drawing.
and for the easiest way to use AutoCAD need to try the AutoCAD classic.
This steps to lead you the classic setup.

1.Type CUI in the command box.
2. Click on the transfer tab at the top of the box open after CUI command.
3. On the transfer tab, You can see an acad. cuix file in the right panel.
Here you can customize the workspace you need to add and if you are doing some changes on that particular workspace you also doing that.

The question in your mind that how I am established or create the customized classic workspace in AutoCAD?

Here is the answer.

Workspaces are sets of menus, toolbars, palettes, and ribbon control panels that are grouped and organized so that you can work in a custom, task-oriented drawing environment.

You can easily switch between workspaces. You can easily switch between workspaces. The following task-based workspaces are already defined in the product:

·         2D Drafting & Annotation

·         3D Basics

·         3D Modeling

For example, when you create 3D models, you can use the 3D Modeling workspace that contains only 3D-related toolbars, menus, and palettes. Interface items that you do not need for 3D modeling are hidden, maximizing the screen area available for your work.

When you make changes to your drawing (such as moving, hiding, or displaying a toolbar or a tool palette group) and you want to preserve the display settings for future use, you can save the current settings to a workspace.

Switch a workspace like classic, You can switch to another workspace whenever you need to work on a different task from the Workspace Switching button on the status bar at the bottom-right of the application window.

Here is the process to create an AutoCAD classic setup.

1. Open a drawing workspace (E.g.drafting and annotations workspace )Then you have to eliminate some of the function related to this workspace.

2. Turn off Start mode by giving a command start mode Then press 0 to close it.

3. Turn off the Display Mode by giving a command 'op' the operation table come to you and select Display option above the table, the tick off the Show tooltips, Show rollover tooltips, display file tabs.

4.apply, ok.

5. Close Ribbon, go to command box and type ribbon close and enter to close it.

6. Then you will find the clear/Empty workspace.

7. Go for the thumbnail at the top of the right side of the application bar and clicking on this, you will find the start menu bar.

8.type toolbar  and enter 

9.a box will open name CUI customize the user interface. Here you can choose your work profile tools and dimension setups.

An alternative way is at the top you have a tools option the toolbars then AutoCAD then selects your preferences of uses,

eg. Tools >toolbar>AutoCAD>then choose the tools you need to add.

After adding your preferences go to the bottom left setting option and click on it

then click on the save as to save the current workspace.

Give a suitable name of your current workspace, most of us give a name a classic it is breakable preferences and chooses whatever you want to add.


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