How The Extrusion Works In Revit Architecture

9 Mar 2018

Civil Engineer

If you are going through my last blogs you are already aware that the importance of extrusion is exceptional.In Revit Architectural we are facing lots of problems and it has many easy and tough portion to if you are very much interested to join as an MEP designer for that you need a great skill in Revit in Extrusion.

Extrusion is the main key when I start to draw in Revit Architecture.
the outer most part of the building we called as an elevation, we have a building with four side elevation and we need to give an extraordinary design.
So extrusion gives you that chance to explore your skills to draw the best design for your building.
The elevation is one of the portions where you need extrusions most.
But when you come across the overall design of the building, you could have found the most active portions and the use of extrusions on that particular is very valuable.

When we come to extrusion part of Revit Architecture we have lots of option at the top of the corner and the overall top bar
there you can choose the component option, these options consist of two min function one is the Place a component
and another is model in place.

Place a Component

In this part, we already have a library with lots of pre-component are installed so you could have found the component like doors, windows, kitchen appliances, toilet basin, Pan, and lots of components.

Go to component then
place a component

Load family to select the library
choose your required library component
Maybe it is a door

maybe a windows
now for load family of different kind of component you need to click.Then follow this particular steps.
Now here is another problem occur when you will not find the component library so the question is how you will find the component library.
Here is the way to put your component and find your library of Revit Architecture.
First of all
1.Go to C Drive of your computer pc, but make sure that your Revit has been successfully installed.
Then go to C Drive
Program Files
Choose your version of Revit File.E.g.I have Revit 2017 File
Choose that file and you will find the Library Folder, you need to add this folder.

Model In-Place
In this portion, you will find the generic model 
Just go for a model in place and after clicking on it you will observe a box named Family category and parameter.
Then you have to choose the Generic models and ok.
Then select a name e.g Window.
After putting the name and clicking the ok button you are redirected to another page including lots of extrusions deliver here.
choose any of it as per your Requirement.
You can follow our previous Blog about extrusion.

Here you can see in this snap I show you the various types of extrusion s and the uses of extrusion for each and every type in the next blog.

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