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9 Jan 2018

Civil Engineer

You already know the Process to use AutoCAD, and My last blogs I already told you about the Drawings and how you can be a pro designer?

So I wish you all are know a little bit about the uses of Tools in AutoCAD.Here in this blog, I want to share the basics of the section drawing and create sectional  Properties of stairs.
Starting I need to introduce the tools and commands, cause it would be helpful to know the uses of these commands or tools.

The Tools/Commands

1.Construction Lines     Command    XL 
2.Line                                                  L
3.Layers                        tools             Layers
4.Hatch                                               Hatch
5.Fillet                                                  fill

so these are the basic commands or tools we are going to use here.

First of all, in my future blogs I am trying to tell the construction line and Draw a perfect elevation, so you have to wait a few days also.

Lets Start!!!

So after the layout plan how you are going to create section drawing. 

Here you can see a layout plan and this is the typical plan for this building the two-floor structure having the height of 3 meters.
If you have any criteria from client then you must add that height to your building.
Now I assumed that you already made a layout plan for any structure.Here I show you a layout plan which I have been created to show you.


1.Layout Plan

Before you start your Sectional drawing you need to create the layout drawing first.
then choose the layers property to identify the individual properties.

Here I add the windows layer
Doors Layers                          Violet in color
Railing Layers                         Brown in color
Staircase Layers                    Orange in color
Column Layers                       Pink in color
Iron Gate layers                      Dark yellow

Hope you guys can identifying the Layers and details.
If you have any problem relevant to layers please visit my another blog on layers.

After creating the Layout Properly you need to draw the section drawing, for that you need to draw a straight line one point to another, that signifies that you make you sectional plane about this plane.

You can see a straight line XX which I add from one point to another and the ending triangle shows that you have to look from this direction.

2.Draw Sectional Drawing

Here you can see the sectional plan for the above layout design. so the question arises that how could I manage to create the sectional drawing.
it's easy to know the way to create the sectional plan.

Just follow my steps

a) Take construction line by command " XL" Enter the
enter V for vertical X Line mainly for sectional drawing you need the Vertical Line.for elevation you have a horizontal line and the Vertical line also, for horizontal press H key and enter.
you can see below  in picture where I am taking the Xline to create the sectional line

you need to provide each and every point where you have found the break wall or break section, you can see from left to right portion I draw the XLine to engaging the column portion.

you have to start to see the building layout from this portion towards the thumbnail line because you have a sectional line at this here you need to create the Xline to notify the column and any wall comes in this space.for details, I engaging a pic of this particular building layout with XLine.

Here I construct the Xline where I am able to see the column and any wall as an obstacle.Xline is Infinite so what you have to do just take a horizontal line and divide the X line in this way and trim it line after taking Xline.

Then in a Sectional drawing to have to set the outer boundary by choosing the layers of your specifications.
In the stair drawing here you can see I already construct the riser, so when you construct the Xline about the stair, you have a tread so if the thread thickness is about 250 or 200 mm then you have to construct the line in this manner

Now you have to choose the Riser height so standard formulae say the half landing stands the half of the floor height.
Here the half landing is 1500 mm length
 If you required the actual stair calculation, then you need to find out this portion of stair calculation

Stair calculation

2 x Riser height + 1x Depth

maximum stair calculation value for required slope=650
so if you have 250 tread and riser is around 150 then the value = 2x150 + 250 = 550
so you can extend it to 650 maximum for your stair values.

Now you add the waist slab is around depth 150 to 180 mm.and each and every riser connect in a proper way.

After making the first stair don't need to do it again and again just give a command


then the typical two floors structure of slab having the stair with same height and depth.
the thing is you have a knowledge and have an idea to read the drawing and should know how it may look like, so the power of a vision is the greatest method to create a great sectional drawing.

From my point of view please see drawings as much as possible.

then the extra line of X Line should be deleted by taking a horizontal line which I told you earlier and trim you can delete the extra part of X Line.
This is the way to create sectional stair drawing.Then you need to create the projections as you have to remember the small things and always alert to see the small one.

Then you can select the similar layers and style as you use in the layout drawing.

If you want to create hatches you can.I already make a video as well as written on this topic if interested please select the link.


If you need to add the foundation footing on this drawing then you can but this is not mandatory to add, the most of the architect add the sectional drawing up to plinth.Here I add the foundation also, and beside the foundation, I have drawn the Steel Rebars as well.

Then all the stairhead at the end with a proper height.

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