Modern Complex Structure Problem Free Or Not

9 Jan 2018

Civil Engineer

The concept of  Complex Structure is discussed earlier so you can go through those blogs.Here I am going to discuss the problem faced in a complex structure.

Today's time complex structure is the key to the growth economy and each and every country is involved in this growth.
When you have found something new something very critical to find and after the achievement, you have the challenge to make it practical.
besides the advantages, there have lots of disadvantages also.
When a building is found to be tilted, it is typically an indication of some serious problems occurred in the building.
The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a famous example of tilted buildings due to differential settlements. Today, however, tilted buildings are intentionally designed and built to produce more dramatic architecture, as are the cases with the Gate of Europe Towers of 1996 in Madrid designed by Philip Johnson/John Burgee, Veer Towers of 2010 in Las Vegas by Helmut Jahn.
The structural performance of a tilted tall building is dependent upon its structural system and angle of tilt.

It's not about the tilted building it all about the Complex structure.
when we are engaged to build the structure with very complex design, the each and every part of the construction is very vital, and every stage needs to be so careful because complex structure having lots of smalls angles to give the desired shape.
The main problem occurred when the soil testing is going on.Because according to the soil taste the whole structure depends.And according to the foundation the complex shape and desired shape depends.when the testing going on the soil condition may be not preferable to that building, so the designer needs to change the drawing specifications according to conditions.

Then the main problem occurred when building parts mean the inserts, and others material availability, its happen that you need some materials or parts that are not available in the present market, so you need to borrow that from outsource or abroad.

These are all initial problems,
But when you go for the Superstructure then the actual shape has to build  and this is the toughest work, here you have to maintain the shape as an identically  same as drawing, and the small angles gives you the proper shape of the complex building, so when you just start this complex structure you will find that lots of problems you have to face because this is not an easy work to build the complex structure with lots of small scales measurement are there,so some time what happened because of improper guidance and new method of construction has always been a problemetic situation to construct, so most important thing is to update your self to construct the complex structure.

So these are the main issue when you go for the construction.

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