Autocad Introduced This Awesome Tool To Create Master Elevations

6 Jan 2018

Civil Engineer

AutoCAD is the most used drafting software in the world, and if you are an Engineer then you must know this software.

Actually why this software? this questions must be an answer.

This software is easy to use, handling well and the most readable methodology used in this software.Not only the construction Field, it is using mostly in the Manufacturing unit and lots of other fields as well, though I discussed earlier that check out the previous blogs.

So here I am going to show you how you can manage a very complex elevation so easily.First of all, all you need you have a plan to draw and draw by pencil sketch only,
you need to focus on your drawing, if you are just experiment with the drawing in the drawing space of AutoCAD then it may be a time to waste.Before you finally start, you should clear yourself that what type of drawing you need to draw and how.

Here I am not going to show to the drafting or don't go to construct any construction line to draw an elevation.
This blog I will cover the smart things that you may have drawn with the existing Modern Building Elevation Copy in your AutoCAD drawing space.

You must think that what is this? and how it could happen?

Don't worry just follow my steps, I am showing an elevation that already existing

Here you can see the similar elevation drawn from the existing elevation or you can say a 3D rendering house front elevation.
so here you may have a picture of your favorite structure it may be a Bridge, Building, House, so whatever it is you just need to download it and then follow my steps.
Step By Step Formulae     
First of all download a suitable Pics to Edit the elevation.I suggest you, download the easiest picture to experiment with it because maybe you are a basic user of this software and this is the most professional work or this work is mainly related to the pro.
If you are a Basic user then don't worry please follow this steps.

Step 1

a)Go to Insert at the top of the bar.

b)then Choose Raster Image Reference

c)Choose the image 


then attach image file is open

Choose Path Type


make sure that, specify the on-screen option in on
Then ok

After this steps, you redirect to the AutoCAD drawing space where you have to click on the space anywhere

a link will generate and you have to set by clicking again.

then the selected picture appears in the drawing space.Then you need to adjust the picture to overdraw this selected drawing element.

Elevation draw

Then click on the line tool Make sure that the ortho mode is off because maybe your drawing is not straight it is maybe a complex structure.I attach this bridge drawing, here you can see that the lining of the bridge is on a different plane.

so if you choose the orthomode then the line drawn on this space is  90 degrees, so it may be a very difficult to join one line to another and the curve portion you could have found the difficulties most.

How to draw

After selecting the line you have to draw the other line of the structure that you want to may have noticed at the top of this blog the picture I attach the actual pic and the one which I have drawn on the AutoCAD.

So you have to choose the other portion to differentiate the section of the building if you notice carefully in this drawing you can see the outline you have to construct.look here you don't need any construction line to draw or create your elevation of any structure.

Here you can see the outer line drawn to differentiate the other portions of the structure.You need to focus on the plane and from where it starts and where it ends.
Actually, to do this you have a little experience with the site and about the structure.

So here I have drawn the two-floor structure where the projection portion you can see.
The entering portion is the lefthand create some difference I use the hatches.Then for Curtain walls, I make a rectangular two boxes on the right-hand side.

and for differentiating the glasses to the wall I provide the sketch of the glass type, and if you choose you can use hatches of glasses to make proper glass sections.

Layout Portion

Now in this portion you have lots of work to may have the superelevation, but respect to that elevation you need to create a layout of the building or any structure.
so what to do?

that may be questioning right.

don't worry I tell you the easiest way to do.

the present time you will find the modern plan to draw any type of structure of any type of the best way to go Pinterest, where you search for the layout of modern building, they show the most famous and usable content to do so just choose those images and experiment that what type of layout fits on this elevation,or search for a whole building drawing where you may have found the layout with keep research.

To complete

after draw the outer line and the structure on the actual pic 

then go to the command box and 
give a command 
Isolated Object

then choose the whole object and enter.

you can see the chosen picture is eliminated and your drawn lines show in the drawing space.
this method is called the underlay is mainly designed to draw a complex structure.

Hope this blogs may have some usefull content,

have a nice day .

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