Top 5 Resources For Web Designer To Make A Premium Website

4 Jan 2018

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A web designer always wants to make a stunning or premium website which should be better than his/her previous work. As a web designer, I can say that the proper resources are needed for making a premium website and it's really hard to find such resources which could fulfill the designer's dream easily. In order to make a premium website designer must have to be careful of selection of colors, fonts, Images, and contents as well. The following top resources could enable a web designer to make a premium website :

  1. Google Fonts: Google fonts is a very useful resource for a web designer. Using ordinary font may look normal or less attracting while choosing a special type of font could make a website looks premium. There are more than thousands type of fonts in google fonts and out of those each font has lots of categories. So it's very useful website for a web designer who wants to make a stunning website.
  2.  Unsplash: Image makes a great impact in case of making a premium looking website. One image could make the entire structure of the website as an image has the power to make understand anyone about the website or what's the purpose of the website. Images are almost the mirror of a website.

  3. Pinterest: As a web designer it's really hard to get an idea about UI. All web designers want to create a better website than previous one but always ended up with the almost same concept of the previous project. SO, in the short world of design Pinterest can be the largest resource for a web designer to get latest ideas about UI.
  4. Coolors : The most challenging ask for a web designer is to set a theme color for a project. Color combination is the key topic of making a website looks premium and attractive. Coolors is the website where a web designer can make choice of various colors and the can also set one color and see which color suits with the selected color. This is one of the most underrated and powerful resources for a web designer.
  5. Flaticon : When it comes to the icon selection no one can beat flaticon. More than one lakh icons are there, a user can easily select an icon, the color, size of the icon and even the download format as well. Giving icon before a special text of a heading makes clear to the viewers that what purpose they are gonna read in the article. Icons are must in case of making a website and it also used in case of UI design in photoshop. The icon will say everything before the heading says.

So these are the Five useful resources that will always help a web designer or UI designer to make a website looks attractive and premium.

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