Is This Very Essential To Know Revit Architecture For Civil Engineers

2 Jan 2018

Civil Engineer

The most asked questions on the internet in recent time

that I am a civil engineer and should I know the Revit Architecture? so lots of question similarly asked by millions of users and student throughout the world.

As I mentioned in my other blogs that I am working as an Engineer in a construction division and I  keep research every day of the designing sections. From starting I have a  great enthusiasm for designing and I need to help those who have lots of confusion and lots of problems arrises day to day schedule.

But in this blog, I need to share the facts about the Revit Architecture and For Civil Engineers, is it suitable software or not??

Before I Starting I need to know that why you interested in designing and want to gain some knowledge besides the construction work because every company needs an employee who serves his company with construction as well as design profile, so here the design means the basic, where you can know the keys and the utilities of using this.

1.What is Revit Architecture?

Revit Architecture is the BIM Software, BIM means building information modeling, If you need the more and most specific drawing details and color that looks your house in new level then this BIM software can give you the confidence to draw and make your own 3D drawing house.

this is the basic definition of Revit Architecture, So, first of all, I want to implement one thing in your mind that is, why this software on the present market? 
and everyone using this software so much in every country.

Here you may have questions that AutoCAD 3D is available in a market so why this costly Revit software is using.

the Ans is the quality of rendering and detailing and the use of this software is so smooth that you have fallen in love when you knew the keys and others essentials to use this.

so come to the point now is it suitable to use Revit for Civil Engineers or not.

Look, If you have a dream to Build your career in designing then yes, of course, you need to focus all the design related software relevant to your field.

2.Advantage of this Software

First of all, we need to discuss the advantages of using this software, because when you come to know the advancement of the software very easily then you will find the actual cause to learn this software.
so the advantages are a lot.

if you know the AutoCAD, I am Sure you know, if you don't know, then learn as soon as possible.because without AutoCAD you cant imagine any Software which is designing related.AutoCAD is basic and everyone needs to know that.From Civil background to electrical, electronics, manufacturing division need to know.

a) You have imported the 2D file from AutoCAD to Revit.

b)  Revit Not only given the architectural part is also given the Structural and MEP you can use Revit as a structural and plumbing software also.

c) The easy using software among other 3D software in the market.AutoCAD 3D is good but no like Revit Architecture, the main Problem in AutoCAD 3D is, it has taken lots of time and the selection tools are very complex to use.

d) You can use this software as a Drafting Software, what you can use in AutoCAD, the plots, and lining, grid line, so you can find everything in Revit Architecture as well.and the best thing is you don't have to create the four side elevation one by one when you create the drawing for the floor plan the elevation takes smartly the side design for your other sides elevation design, but in AutoCAD, you need to take the construction lines to create the elevations.

e)You have a lots of libraries inbuild on it if you want to create yourself you can.

SO lots of advantages you could found the reason for using this.

3.Construction Site Works

Those who have been working for a Construction division, the main questions arise from this side.Those who r still working and your planning to be a manager or planning engineer or site engineer basically you want your career in these site work only then please don't waste your money on this software.

If you want to gain the knowledge lots of Youtube Videos and Blogs are waiting for you and help you.

Because as a Site Engineer you have to do work on the site and sometimes you may have to handle the AutoCAD 2D for Print Purpose or some changes on drawing softcopy, discussing with senior or design architect.

Start a Designing Consultancy

But yes if you are working in the field of construction and you want to do a design or having some plan to start any startup regarding the design software then please learn that software in which you have interest and yes it should be relevant designing software.

4.Wanted to be a Structural Engineers:

 If You wanted to be a  structural Engineer, then don't go for the Revit Architecture, but yes you may try the Revit Structure because the structural detailing is awesome and the using of this software is very anyone who wanted to be a structural detailer then please ago for Revit Structure.

So It mainly depends on your purpose, if you need this software as a profession then please go for this and your spent money never be wasted and if you need this as a learning purpose .then please go for the research and youtube videos and blogs and learn without any investment.

so I hope you people like this blogs.

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