Autocad Engineers Should Know This Questions To Face The Interview

2 Jan 2018

Civil Engineer

Lots Of questions in your mind when you have to start the interview preparations.You learn a lot and have a great hand on AutoCAD or any Design software.But when we heard about the Interview, then the nerves are excited and feel nervous.

 I have been working for 4 years in construction and also having a great knowledge in designing software.I often found that most of the users of this software mainly AutoCAD, has lots of incomplete unknown things that they have ignored when they learn.And this would be the most important.


practically, the easiest and basic things we are ignoring and the question asked from this portions only.

The Interviewers are asking from the base, actually, they know that if any job seekers have a basic depth knowledge of the relevant subjects then he could have been managing the jobs prospects.


So from my point of view and my experience the followings questions you should prepare before entering the Interview sections to join as an AutoCAD Engineer or Draftsman, Architect.


1.What is the full form of CAD?


Ans: AutoCAD is the drafting software, and CAD means Computer Aided Design, maintained by Autodesk.


2.Is it possible to import AutoCAD model to other models?if yes the specify any two software.


Ans: Yes it is possible to import AutoCAD models to other software.

Example: Staad.Pro and Revit Architecture.

3.Which File you have to save as to import in Staad. pro Software


Ans: In AutoCAD, if you have created any model, then save this file as DXF file.


4. What is User Interface?

Ans: User interface can be created by using the command prompts to draw the plots and dialog boxes. The dialog boxes can be displayed by the use of PLOT command and the external database commands (ASE).  A setting of CMDDIA to 1, allows the dialog boxes to run the command.  The user interface creation also needs the command line to display the entire file so that it can be edited or customized easily.

5. Which key do we use on/off the OrthoMode?

Ans: press F8 and some of the computer or laptop has some issues so Press Fn+F8

6. The shortest and first key to activate the following functions.



F7-   Grid On/off


F3-   Osnap on/off


F2-   AutoCAD text Window open


F6-   Dynamic UCS on/off

F9-   snap on/off


F10- Polar on/off


7. What is the meaning of 1:100 or 1:30?


Ans: It is mainly the ration of Paper unit to Drawing unit. When we start any drawing we have to select the ration with respect to the paper for that this could be easy for us to maintain the scale of the drawing.


8. What is the Purpose of Layers in AutoCAD?


Ans: Layers in AutoCAD serving a major role, it is mainly used for differentiating one portion to other. Mainly layers mean the different color, different line thickness, different name, uses in a different position.


9. What is the Annotative Scale?

Ans: An annotative scale is different from the drawing scale.

In drawing scale when we set any drawing space with a scale e.g.1:100 then after the drawing completion, if we want to change the scale for the same drawing, so we can’t able to do that because it sets with 1:100 scales only,

But the difference you can see, when you might have done the same but in place of normal scale do it in annotative scale, then you change the same scale in other scale ration it will change respect with the changing scales ratio.


10. Do you hear about AutoCAD classic? So where you go for the setting?


Ans: If your answer is yes, then you have a knowledge of the AutoCAD Classic settings.

Actually AutoCAD classic is the platform where you could manage all your essentials .what mainly happen after installation we found the AutoCAD Pro Version with lots of tools and function, so we need to specify and make our drawing space very easy, and Classic do that for us.


For Classic Setting go for the Setting option and click on Workspace Setting, there, you could have found the lots of options so choose classic and mark what you need to add.


11. What is the main work of modifying tools?


Ans: Modify tools are described as lots of functions we use the basic drawing mainly modifies the structure with some extraordinary detailing.


e.g. mirrors, array, trim, extends and lots of.


12. To check the UCS Coordinate which command you have to enter?


 Ans: Type “ID” in command box then enter and choose that point in which you want to know the coordinates.


 13. Difference between W Block and B block?


Ans: The two type of blogs are present in AutoCAD one is B block and another is W Block

B Block is a block which we use for the same drawing space and also for the others but there has no option to save as to the different you can copy the block and if you required pasting another drawing sile you can paste it there.


But In W Block you need to specify the folder where you can save the drawing block. And use for the future purpose.


14. Tell me how you assign the keyboard characters or function keys to Autocad commands?


Ans: we can assign keyboard characters to AutoCAD commands by editing the ACCELERATORS section of the AutoCAD menu file.

 15.what are the Grips

Ans: Grips are small boxes that appear on the objects you select.  You can move or edit an object by dragging a grip.


16. How can you change the Scale of the drawing without click annotation scale?


Ans: You can change the scale of a drawing by giving command “SC”

Then choose the whole drawing and choose the reference line and put the value then the whole drawing scales have changed.

 17.Why AutoCAD WS  so famous amongst all mobile users?

Ans: The application can be downloaded and installed from anywhere in the world, ignoring the licensing problem. AutoCAD WS provides many options for mobile application developers like edit, view, and share. They can easily share the application wherever they go and can develop an application in a matter of time the users can save a file in any format and can run the application on any platform with ease.


18. Which field did you see the most of the AutoCAD users?

Ans: AutoCAD is that type of software which has used most of the field starting construction to interior designs and manufacturing field.So the vast area of users is using this worldwide.

So these Questions are mostly asked by an interviewers, so I am very much happy to share with you because firstly I have no idea what question comes on my way,so be prepare not only this blogs search more as you can,but in my opinion please clear your all doubt when you start your basic training season for any software.

in practical I was facing these type or similarly this questions .and if you need more tough questionaries please go Upwork or any freelancing sites and join there test series that are totally free, so you may have lots of ideas to gain from there.

you can also ask any question to Quora, Quora is a Questionary platform and lots of technical and nontechnical or industrialist join with quora so maybe it will help you.

 so guys that all, hope you have found something good from here.

Thank you.






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