Best Way To Learn Autocad In 1 Month Like Professionals

27 Dec 2017

Civil Engineer

AutoCAD is vastly use Drafting software in the world.Autodesk making it better day by day, so If you are a daily user of the AutoCAD then you must have known the superiority of the software, and the use of this software not actually for the architectural purpose it's actually used in most of the part starting from construction, manufacturing and all.

So the most asked question is that "how can I become a professional in AutoCAD"?
From my point of view if you need to be a professional in AutoCAD then you have to carefully maintain this mentioned formula to succeed as a Professional.
   1. Basic Needs of this Software: Not only for this software but for any other software like Revit Architecture, you have to know the basic fundamentals of uses of the software very important.So start with the basics of AutoCAD and have to know the purpose of the software, because when you don't know the purpose of build this software then it is very hard to achieve the functionality of this software properly.when I start my AutoCAD software the few questions are in my mind to know the software properly, this following questions I mostly asked the teachers.
        (a) From where the concept comes from? At the highest level, building models are organized conceptually into projects. A project is composed of 2 parts: the building model and the reports generated from the model. The building model is composed of constructs and elements, while reports consist of views and sheets. Within a project, constructs are referenced into views, and views are referenced into sheets.

        (b) Why this AutoCAD has widely used Software: Before AutoCAD – most designs in manufacturing, architecture, and engineering was still done by hand, on a drafting board, with a trusty lead pencil. It was a very long and time taking process.Now this time the process becomes very easier and less time required for any project to finish.
these are the questions I asked if you want to know anything else then please go and asked your teachers of any expert who knows this software very well.

    2. Practicing
This is the second step I hope everyone does that right!!!
when you learn and which you learn, it may be very easy to you it may be very small topic to cover, keep yourself with practicing because practice makes a man perfect.and not only practicing it perfectly practicing is very important.

so what is perfectly practicing? Perfectly means what you did, do it perfectly, each and every step you have to do with perfection,
I saw most of the people who have just started their lesson about the AutoCAD, are totally out of focus from the software, because of not practicing when you start to practice anything you learn, it helps to memorize and it stored in your memory.

     3.Note Down:

whatever you start and the first time is always the hardest time to learn, because the software is very much unknown to you and you need to gain the knowledge about the the basic knowledge you may acquire but the problem is might happen when you are learning something, you cant memorized it when going further to the advanced level, what I was doing, I maintaining a note which was covered the topic of AutoCAD.and it helps me a lot,when I need to practice the old and basic one and if any problem occurred, I checked my copy and go through the steps and done that again and again to memorise it.

    4.Research Daily

This is the very important step if you want to take yourself a professional because I personally feel that the research is one and only option to know the various and complex designs.Not only design, in every part of the manufacturing and construction division, when you start researching the materials you find new things, daily research can boost your design capabilities and designing methods.The best things are daily research results the smooth workflow of software you use with the help of the keys.

     5 Watch Videos

watch videos are one of the great ideas if you like this.Because when we are small we always heard that if you learn something smartly then try to see a video or see any picture from your books, it helps us to memorize those particular chapters for a long time.So the same way you can learn something very unique and learn smartly from youtube videos because videos are available from various corners of the world, everyone sharing their knowledge through the this is the major option to make yourself a professional.

    6.Go to Blogs and Link With Communities

If you follow any blogs or communities then you already know the values to join, but those who have no idea to join a blog or communities then I suggest go to and go for Autodesk Communities.what ever your software is you can go and search that software and join the community.

    7.Social Media

social media is the most powerful stage to learn as well as to promote your page, so choose the facebook or Pinterest then search for the relevant software community or groups then add those groups. You could have found the latest skills design, and you may have some idea to do.

 *********In the last i must share the secret tips to every one that is whenever you got any chance to meet any person who is currently working any design firm or design consultancy ,tell him/her to give you some time to enhance your skill or you asked for to give you some practical knowledge to enhance your skills

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