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25 Dec 2017

Civil Engineer

Estimation is the part in which you can elaborate on specified material or manpower for the project you construct.It's not about the construction only each and every project needs the proper way to estimate.Lots of advantages and disadvantages are there.

In the Project, each and every portion of construction have linked to another work so the planning is one of the crucial parts of estimation and they are linked parallel, and we will discuss later on planning blogs.
so here I am going to specified those points which I personally feel that it should be added when you go for the estimation.

1.Proper Measurement
Here you should measure the proper length or you have a vast knowledge of the material of labor work routine in the field of construction.
the measurement of important material you should know

2Steel7850d²/162d -dia in mm
Dry160050 to 55farma1 farma=1.25cft
River184057 to 63farma1 farma=1.25cft
4Stone(basalt)2850 to 296048 to 52farmametal 12mm to 20mm
6PCC22408.24 to 8.5Cube mouldcube mould size=15x15x15cm
7RCC 2% Steel2420
8Bricks1600 to 19201.9 to 2no9x4x2 3/4″
4.8 to 4.9no9x6x3 3/4”
9Brick Masonry1920
10Soil(damp)176050 to 55cftBlack cotton
11Cement concrete block(solid)180018 to 20cft30x15x20 cm
10 to 11no30x10x20 cm
12Cement Mortar208057 to 62cft
13Lime Mortar176048 to 52cft
15Glass25300.9 to 0.95sft4mm tk plain
16Teak Wood670 to 83018 to 20cft
17Sal Wood99022 to 24cft
18Marble mosaic tile2.8 to 3.2no25x25x22mm
4.8 to 5.2no30x30x25mm
19Chequered tile2.5 to 2.8no25x25x22mm
20Glazed tile15x15cm0.20 to 0.25no5mm tk
21Marble Stone26205.1sft3/4″tk
22Granite Stone2460-28005.35sft3/4″tk
23Coddappa27206.4sft1 1/4″tk
24A.C.sheet corrugated161.2sft
25Bitumen1040220Drum200liter drum
26Window frame (simple design)1.9 to2.1sft
27Door Frame
a)3’00×7’025 to 27nosection 4″x2 1/2″
b)2’6″x7’024 to 26nosection 4″x2 1/2″
28               AAC Block
                a)125mm thickness               650                   51               no.             600x250x125
                b)250 mm                                                       32               no.             600x250x200
29.           Fixo Block /Mortar chemical 1350-1450        1.2             bags           1m3 of block required 1.2 m3 of chemical

so you have to remind this measurement and unites for calculation of materials.

2.Engaging Labours
Here the labor engagement is a very important thing. Every labor should be worked in their respective field with actual time.
the main purpose of labor engagement reports is based on the Planning division, I told earlier that planning is the key of estimation, if you have an actual estimate to do for your project then you need to find out the proper planning.

so you need to know the labors per day work schedule and the standard work time of each and every labor for their respective work position.

for example 
Brickwork at the superstructure needs 1 mason for complete to 1.25 cum brickwork.
RCC needs 1 mason for 3 cum volume of concrete
Fixing doors and windows need 1 carpenter for .15 sqmt of an area covered.
If you need this specification of work schedule for workmanship,keep touch with cad180  we will update soon.
3. Material Quantity Requirement

Same as labor requirement material has to specified for its specific workspace.when you go for any work at the construction site the volume of the actual area should be mentioned or should be calculated, because when you need to calculate the material quantity for the particular portion of the construction site, you should have proper knowledge of measurement.
every material has a standard quantity of uses.
Modular bricks (20x20x10) cm required 1350 nos for 100 cft or 500 nos for 1cum

Material for cement concrete 1:2:4
aggregate:88%          88 cum for 100 cum of concrete
sand          44%         44 cum  for 100 cum of concrete
cement      22%         22cum for 100 cum of concrete
Brick for reinforcement building work      1200 per 100cft    or 420 per 1 cum
If you want to know more please follow the estimation ID Code of your country or government specification of building materials .eg; cpwd or pwd, If you have any problem to find this please comment down below.

4.Rate Analysis:
For building work or any other construction work or if you want to work at any other field, rate analysis of the material is very important to fix your work environment with labors and quantity of materials.
a rate analyze is defined the work quantity the no of labors engage for the particular, the cost per labor, the cost of material per cum/sqm/or other units.
the profit percentage of the contractor it may be 10% overall or 15% overall
miscellaneous charges such as the cart fare, food accommodation.
In India, new portion of the taxes are introduced as GST 12%
so in this way you have found the actual rate for the particular material,
so respect with this you have to engage the labors of your site.

Do you ever heard about that, the BOQ means the bill of quantity, this totally depends on estimation on site, the labor quantity, and material required for the area.then you need to analyze the material for the BOQ.BOQ settle all formalities with work specifications, work limitations, usage of materials, Engineers Norms, Wastages of materials.

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