10 Things You Should Know About The Uses Of Extrusions In Revit Architecture

23 Dec 2017

Civil Engineer

Revit Architecture is one of the best Software in the market and Autodesk make it better day by day.So there has a lot of software like AutoDesk Inventor, Google Sketchup.AutoCAD 3D, So basis of all software we can say and I personally recommend the Revit Software.

Because you can use the Revit as an Architectural Template, Construction Template, MEP Revit, so lots variation you have seen with this software.So using this software you have lots of easiest steps and also the complex one.

But in this blog, I want to share the most effective one and yes !! It is Extrusion.
So I would like to share the 10 most effective way to use extrusion.
I hope you are all aware the basic uses of extrusion, so in Extrusion, you have found the Revolve, Swept, Swept with Blend, Extrusion, blend Voids when you go for the extraordinary drawings you have great skills set on that extrusion particularly.

1.Use of Extrusion
Most of the people doing wrong when they use every extrusion in every Portion on the drawing, so I use this software for a year, and I have done a lot of research through online and I found lots of articles which is very relevant to extrusion.
when you use extrusion you have to remember the plane of action because if the plane of action not set then the extrusion never going to be perfect and sometime it will disappear.

2.Set Generic Models 
Generic Models is very important portion when you want to create the extrusion       Professionally, when you go for the component section you have to choose the model in place then you have found the Generic models in the appeared box.
so why we use this generic model because it is mainly the conventional steps in which it integrating the relationships with the models you want to create through generic use this generic model always when you go for the extrusions.

3.Set  Reference Plane For creating extrusion
The reference plane is used for fixed the scale or direction of drawing .but it also has a condition to set.
the plane is only valid when it has a proper plane, or we can say a plane with no curve or circular .always have to remember these things, when you go for the reference plane.

4.Different plane creates zero extrusion
You are using reference plane for the different plane in onetime is not possible for the extrusions, because the model only is drawn on a  single plane in the single directions.the extrusion line needs a one direction at a time when you go for the two plane or changing plane at one time then it wouldn't be possible.

5.close loops
Now the closed loops are one of the important portions in a drawing if you are a new user and you create an extrusion with a right plane but the popup shows that something is wrong with the drawing drawn without closed loops. the single line in generic models has no place .so always look after that your extrusion line having a closed loop.

6.Edit the extrusion after creating it
You also edit the extrusion before you finish it, but there have some issues you may have found, you cant extent this extrusion limitless because the plane you draw it has a limit, so my recommendation is to change the extrusion direction or move this after finishing the process,so you can extend this as much as you can.

7. fixed the level
Fixing level is very important in Revit because when you draw in a reference plane revit will ask you to choose the level, because when you want to create the extrusion for particular positions to avoid the confusion to choose the plane in the right level.

Example if you want to choose the reference plane in the level 2 then you having a particular direction and choose level 2, but here is another thing to remember that when you choose this plane you can draw the extrusion to whichever level you want.

but for the command purpose, you have to give the level.

8.Cross plane
I already told you that cross plane drawing you cant use the reference plane and extrusion is not possible, but when you are little bit experience on this, you have lots of new things to achieve by research or uses the software regularly,so I am sharing my experience with you I have a bridge project to do and this bridge is totally conceptual and I have to make this bridge in revit as well as in Staad.Pro, so this take 3 weeks, and I really frustrated to do that but one thing is that when you having a determination to doing anything you will be got that in the best time.

several processes of doing a cross-plane drawing.

a)choose wall and cross that you can see in this pic.and after draw a wall you may have the roof extrusion ,you have to draw and a straight wall or we can say a non-curve wall draw on different plane no choose the reference plane and create the plane on the roof extrusion structure and draw your extrusion whatever you want.

b)choose blend or revolve and take a different plane, and draw it.then drag or shift this extrusion to your preferred position, but it will take time, I will recommend you to go for the first one.

9.different profile drawing 
so when you going for the revolve and blend with swept then choose the profile one and differently choose the profile be careful you have to choose this different profile by separately, my personal experience is very bad on this!!
when I go for this blend and revolve I was so confused to do, but when you have done this you have to draw one plane then finish it then start another profile drawing so upper portion of a toolbar shows the different profile drawing option.

The one and the only option that you have doing the extrusion part professionally and some sites you could have found online Pinterest is there here you can find the inspiration to do unique architect, Revit City for the ultimate extrusion drawing.

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