5 Factors To Make A Website Looks Premium

23 Dec 2017

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A website is must needed thing to run a business nowadays, people use to search for the website whenever they come to know about a new business organization. It can be easily said that the website makes the first impression on the customers. So as a designer of a company or a business owner everybody should make sure that the website is informative enough alongside with the UI (User Interface).
Yes, the UI of a website should be good enough to make satisfactory feeling in customers or viewers mind.Sometimes well informative websites can't be enough to reach the business goal but the premium websites are always making a great impression on customers mind whether it's informative or not.

5 Steps every owner or designer should follow for making a premium website

  1. Color Combination: As a designer, the color combination is must thing and a challenging element which makes each and every elements look different from each other. Color can makes a person feel happy and sad.So whenever web designing is going on, one must keep in mind about the color.
  2. Image Selection:  Image is like a mirror, the more attractive image the more traffic will be generated. An image makes a website looks premium, make sure the images are not compressed. Compressed images are always making a bad impact to a viewer, most important thing is the lots of websites are there which using compressed images or not prospered resized images, Web designer always should maintain a special care about image selection. 
  3. Font Selection: Lots of websites are there which using the regular font and people are bored with regular fonts. In order to make a website better than other ordinary websites, a web designer must try different fonts which are easily available on the internet eventually google has a large collection of fonts which can be used in any area of a website and these fonts are free as well.Selection of font is really important to make a website looks premium. 
  4. Animation: The most important part of a premium website is animation, whether the animation is created by CSS or javaScript the animation has its own value. The people always looking for the special thing which is special and not everyone is showing to them. The word 'WOW!' from a client by watching a website is very effective and the overall arrangement of animation is a better way to tell everyone that this website is far way different from other websites. Animations push the customer to go for the other content of the website, Make sure that the animation is properly fit with the content of that website.
  5. Clear Content: The content of the website should be cleared to the viewers.Showing extra skills to the viewers are gonna give nothing but the percentage of increase bounce rate.The content should be well placed and properly aligned, it must justify the overall design of the website.It's good if viewers can understand what they need is already on the website. Putting extra dropdowns popups and modal effects are making bad impressions.
The premium website is nothing but a feeling, it's the feeling of satisfaction which viewer will get by visiting the website.The premium website is something which pushes the viewers to go for it or pay some money because it's worth to pay for. There are lots of organization which selles UI designs by saying premium web pages but if these are thoroughly checked one can easily understand that all they are doing is maintaining a special feeling to viewers mind which lead them to buy the product.

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