5 Reasons For Doing Layers In Autocad

22 Dec 2017

Civil Engineer

 AutoCAD Software widely used in every country with a large scale as a drafting software.In this Software, you can find every possible way to draw 2D and 3D drawing.AutoCAD improvises in every year with a superior functionality, which improves the techniques of the users and the time required is less.

Most of the users who are using this software they know, that the using layers in AutoCAD are one of the important things to do.
Because everyone is using the layers but few of them know the actual way to use it depends on the javascript:nicTemp(); keys you use for AutoCAD.

Layers are one of the important parts of your I am very much introduced to those steps where you could have to find layers in a proper way and also tell about the reason behind this.

1.Layers are the Process, we can say a way to determine the difference between any part of the drawing or integrating the drawing.

so when you start your drawing with AutoCAD you should know the keys from where you know the basic process of doing AutoCAD.
Create the layers by command "La" or clicking the options from drawing tools.Select all the different layers color and if any line thickness you need to add, you can.

2.We use two processes to engage the layers and use any of the ways, but here also the difference between the professional and intermediator, the professional use the shortest and the good techniques and the intermediator uses the same techniques, but the process may take too long.

3.Start your drawing with the scale you want.and draw "0" thickness line for all not need to change anything in starting because when you doing changes at the start it may take time .after ending all your drawing then you put all your recommendation values.

Example: if you asked for the outer wall thickness line should be ".3" mm and color should be red, then go to the layers properties manager and choose the new layer as your recommendation.then click on the lines respectively in your layout or any type of drawing and choose from the layer box,and you can see the line changes with the present one,and the thickness also.

4.Another way is there but I recommend you to go for the 1st one, In this process at starting of your drawing, you should fix the layers options for the individual process.take the different color; for more to know about Layers please see our Layers video.when you end with the layers selection, you go for the drawing and choose one after another for your recommendation of drawing.
Example: you are having a layout to do then choose a layer and give a name "Outer wall" if you have any recommended thickness of the line to put then beside the layers you can see the same and by clicking on this you have changed the thickness of the line.and save this, then choose the outer line from layers selection box you can see in the pic the start your drawing with outer walls, in this way you can take each and every layer for the individuals.

5.when you go for the large scale of drawing you could have found the layers drastically.because its mainly doing the difference amongst all your drawing, so keep your drawing a significant touch.
your drawing shows the passion of yours.
Thank you!!

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