This Skill Sets Can Make You A Pro Designer

13 Oct 2017

Civil Engineer

So when we learn about some drawing or software, from starting we have a great interest to do that but when it goes day to day schedule then our interest may decrease.
so it happened often and that doesn't mean that it causes of your carelessness, because beside to learn software we have to implement other things too, so if we can say someone is engaging with the construction site and he also doing the software for his enhancement in technology besides his field knowledge.
so the question is HOW !!!!
So here are some steps to overcome the problems and become a great designer.

1.You have to gain proper knowledge about the software: means what is the foundation of the user software, means is it your cup of tea.or just use or learn this software for just spend your time.
So in 2017 Survey of learning software we have done over 100 of consultancy over the India who just taught the software to the students.and most of the student learn the software for no use.and few of them just spending their crucial time with the software very actively and after a few week, they are starting to forget that software.
so when you learn a new software always take a note of your own.

2.choose any model drawing for practice collecting from online.
Basically what is happen when you start a new drawing model or any model for practice so you have face lots of new things that you couldn't face earlier, so what happens it enhances your design skills from others.

3.Discuss with the professional, and if possible go to the design firm to get a parttime trainee facility, it may be very helpful to you, you have to go on your own don't send any cv or this kind of staff.

4.what ever you design any structure or anything relevant to you should make a video of this so it is the best possible way to remember everything you have done.

5.If you have a youtube Channel then that is the best option to create your profile on it and make a video of your unique creativity.

6.Please search on youtube for the shortest way of any relevant software you learn.their are lots of channels who gave you the great tutorials and professional designs so go there and subscribe.
if you wish you can visit our channel.
Named CAD180-Revit Architecture
I hope you will be helpful if you doing those actions mentioned above.
Thank you.

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