This Several Problems Occur When You Doing Arc Curtain Wall

5 Oct 2017

Civil Engineer

Curtain wall

Ok, guys, you can easily draw the straight wall and place the curtain wall and Edit it with curtain it may be a little bit easier to you and for large scale, we are using it.  

But when we come to the ARC wall??????

nono the problem is not about the Arc wall placing or how to draw an arc wall whatever you say.

The problem is when you build an ARC wall, for changing it in curtain walls.

So your answer is as simple as you have done at straight curtain walls>just place the curtain wall >CUT.

But I am very much glad to tell you that you are complete go in a wrong footprint.

So now you can say Why??

yes, to answer the question" why", I am here!!!!that's my portion guys to clear you about the problematic situation.

So what actually do we thought that the problem is so large that we cant overcome it, so rest of all these things may go down and down. just think for a second that what things that the straight curtain walls and ARC curtain walls differ??

just think for a second that what things that the straight curtain walls and ARC curtain walls differ?? think I am waiting!!!!!

Enough!! jokes apart.

Previously! if you go through my youtube videos they're I show that how you could draw the straight and curved curtain wall.

the difference creates the Curtain Grid!!

yes, your answer is curtain grids.

when you draw the straight curtain walls we just place the curtain walls and cut the wall to observe the curtain walls.then we put the curtain grid by spacing or edit it right!!

But in this case, the first thing is to, you have to create the curtain walls with the help of Curtain grids.yes!!

After placing of ARC wall what you do?

just click on curtain wall at the wall panel

then at tool selection box you can see lots of option like line, hexagon, circle ARC, pick a point, Pick line.


So choose the pick line from the box you can see in the snap.

and just put your mouse to the wall where you can see at the middle of the arc wall a blue shaded line occurs.

just click on it.


after then you can see the straight line is created across the arc wall.

Now just choose the curtain grid and place your mouse at the arc wall.


there you can see the line occurs on the wall go through it and click on the wall when the line point show.

then you can see that the straight curtain walls just shifted towards the center of the ARC wall.


now cut the wall section as you have already done at straight curtain wall place.



That's it guys coming very soon with a new topic and tell me about your experience at cad 180.

we are coming with some bang shortly stay connected.

For detail about this topic, you can feel free to watch and clear your thought.

hope this blog helps you a lot!!!!

Click here for the video Curtain walls


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