Start Your Estimation With Qto(quantity Take Off )

17 Sep 2017

Civil Engineer

QTO(Quantity Take Off ) Start your own building Quantity and Estimation.

Hello, guys here is another blog for my last estimation blog I told you about the basic of Qto and Estimation. 

so in this blog, I share a very important topic about the QTO, so let's start.

do you have any building plan yet?


so do that first.

Don't you know how to create a layout or building plan?

its very simple check out my previous blogs and make your self-comfortable to learn something great.(Autocad )is your answer.

so first of all the introduction part is that how you will start all these things how you will manage QTO? right!

so nothing to worry about it just ready a notebook for note down the important things that you might be ignored of very hard to remember this blog.

First of all a basic setup, you have to complete, just follow the snapshots of the QTO that will help you. start your QTO then you can see a page asking for various templates just choose 

New Project.

2.then after clicking the new project you will find that a box open and

you have to give a name for your new project e.g. cad180 or add whatever you want.

After that just select your path, in which location you want to select.

3. Now after clicking the next button, you have a unified system and currency to choose.

if you get trouble in choosing currency don't worried about it because QTO basically organized with Dollars so you have regenerated or recreate INR .and how you will do?

that's the question nothing to do just follow the steps:

 go this page of your pc C:\Program Files (x86)\Autodesk\Quantity Takeoff 2013

then open the currencies.XML file or just copy that file and save in desktop.

and convert all dollars to INR.


for better understand just follow the snaps.

4.then click the next button you have a catalog to select but in this case, I mean for the basic you don't need any catalog to select just keep it as it is none.

5. then you are asking for to add a drawing, just clicking on add thumbnail and you have redirected a folder with consisting of dwf files, so just choose any dwf file in this case we are just select the basic dwf file for simple floor plan. and click finish button.

6. now you have a working space of QTO.

7.engage the takeoff windows and workbook windows.



in the next part, I will show you how to takeoff and workbook take an important role on QTO.

and also the starting the basic floor plan how to estimate?so guys keep watching and SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!

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