Placing Doors And Windows In Your 3d Modelling Learning In 10 Minutes

10 Sep 2017

Civil Engineer

Placing Doors and Windows

                                                    After Completing drawings

you can also be a part of Revit family and you how to apply with family, so, first of all, you have to create a wall.and give a height 3000 or 3250mm, approx this height is the standard height for the houses.

Doors PLacing

one thing you have to place in your mind that the creativity in Revit architecture in depends on your practice and innovative ideas, so keep practicing, though it is very easy for small things, and always search for blogs where the innovative ideas can make you better.

so in this blog, I am going to tell you and show you that how you can place your windows and Doors in Revit Architecture.

Go to the top Menu bar on your Revit software screen and click on the Doors impression or thumbnail we can say.

1.First of all please Don't place your drawing in the 3D mode because it's very difficult to see and place.

so keep it simple and choose the floor plan then use to place the doors.

For better understands please follow the snaps of the Drawing I attached in the blog.

2.Now after placing the doors for each and every position that you need, then go to the edit button and edit the door by click on the duplicate button.

3.then save with a name of that duplicate file.then press the load button and choose the door files from all other files.

                                           Pic: After going edit button

                                                   Pic2: Click on Load button

                                       Choose the folder "DOOR"

4.After clicking the doors folder you can see a lots of doors option is opening and you have to choose the one, that you need to place. thing you have to remember please don't select the curtain door, this is only for the curtain walls.

here I Choose the block looks option.

Then open.

Then if you want to change the size of the door you can change from the same edit box.

Ater that you have to click the ok button.

then after editing, if you are interested in changing the material of the wall and doors so you need to go to the material option for changing the present structural material. 

if you want to know it in detail so just keep your self-ready I will cover all the topics about materials in Revit Architecture in my upcoming blogging.

                                                Floor Plan After placing Doors

Windows Placing

Same as the placing of the door you have to go through by all the portion in the same manner.just follow all the steps I showing in the keep following.

placing the windows same way as we done for the doors.

After finishing all work you have to change the material, so that drawing looks so stunning that everyone just stays amazed !!!!

                             After applying the material to the home.

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If you need a deep knowledge about it no problem at the last you will find the video just go and watch!!.

Watch the videos

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