10 Things You Should Know When You Estimate Your Project

9 Sep 2017

Civil Engineer

Estimation and Costing.

When we talk about any project, it may be building projects or bridge, Road, Tank, Dams, so many types of projects are there.So we construct those project in a manner or we can say a step to step formula is there to reach those milestone. Estimation and Costing is one of the very important and vital steps for any construction.If we practically say not even in construction even in every part of making anything, so it may be clothes or may be the importance of this topic helps you to work smoothly.

So in this blog, we are going to know about those important steps that you should take when you execute your projects in construction.

1.First of all, you should aware that how big or we can say how fast your project is means working period, the delivery period of the buildings or any structure to the client.

  • the plus point when you come to know this thing you might be aware that the quantity of money you have to spend, the quantity of skilled and unskilled labour you put into your work.
  • if you having a less time to end your project, so friends your cost is ideally much higher and the engagement of labour will also high.
  • that's not mean that you lose on your project because when you start to do those type of project, you have to charge more than you charge earlier. because the time of work is less and you have to engage more labour so, the cash flow and cost analysis are very important.


2.Working Position.

your cash and your money will be perfectly spent when your working position is pretty good.

because working position is the major factor of your running project going smoothly.

Lots of contractors have taken their project without judging or unaware of the site positions and they just come to work because of the profitable amount and when they come to know that the cost to the company is increasing because of an unavailable transport, unavailable hotels, unavailable market to purchase vegetables of groceries product. so for that, the company have to give the charges or we can say the transportation allowance, in this way the labours having less interested to work on that site.

so the cost is the major factor in this situation.the cost analysis should have done in this case also.

3.Type of Structure

what type of structure you are going to work, so this is the very normal and everyone knows this.

the cash and cost vary with this point also.somewhere a company want to build a flat building but the populace was very much scared and they don't want to build the the projects official step down.So the meaning of the story is you should know that on that proper area this type of project done very well and no objections are taking place.

4.Foundation Of any structure

Foundation of any structure is the most vital when you will come to know that the soil is low in strength and you have to provide scoring or retaining wall to the circumference of the area of the project. so you should know and the testing of soil is very important before starting your projects.

5.Road facility

the facility of the road is good enough or not, so this will be the factor which you have to think about that.

Because if the road is not good enough then the materials and machines carrying very difficult, so you have to construct the Road.yes, that is the extra charges and you have to add this to your estimate.

6.Material Price

Before starting any work or you are thinking to relocate for the new project then hold on, now think about the cost of the material.Did you spoke with the agent or syndicate members for the pricing of the aggregates, and other materials.if yes and you are just negotiated with them and the price was fixed so now you just relocate for the new project.

7.Meeting with the contractors.

Before starting your estimation you should have arranged a meeting, to know their specifications, their demands and in which manners they just agree to work with you.

first of all, if they are agree with your condition of work then it will be fine to work.


The survey is the another part in which you have to apply before you are going to estimate your projects.

what basically survey do, very simple just arrange a surveyor, and fixed a meeting .and discuss about the projects.

then the surveyor surveys your project and tell you about the condition and give coordinate.from that you come to know that your project can go with this manners.

10.Estimation and Costing Software.

if you need a proper and faultless estimation you need to purchase or hire a professional for your estimation if you go to the past you can see the 3 to 4 mens are engaged for the estimation and costing work, but today's time the projects are pretty first so need a software that takes off your all quantities.

I Prefer AutoDesk Quantity take off.

so if you need the tutorial just comments, subscribe and let me know what your favourite software.

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