How To Start A Revit Architecture

7 Sep 2017

Civil Engineer

How to start Popular BIM software Revit Architecture

If you need the more and most specific drawing details and color that looks extraordinary to your house in new level so This BIM software can give you the confidence to draw and make your own 3D drawing house.

BIM generally stands for Building Information Modelling so what basically we do to this software,

everything yes this software can give you each and every possible way of design that just blow your mind, so what you need you need a proper guide that you could able to draw yourself a beautiful house. I will show you some models that draw with this software.

so this blogs is basically for the introductory parts.

when you start any drawing with using any software, always get a knowledge about that software, that what that software is using?what is the purpose of that software in your stream?.so the answers of the questions are the most important and vital ,so you get to know all these things before start any software.

so let's start...

Now first of all when you just start your Revit you could find your front screen some of the pre-installed drawing templates.and on the left-hand side, you will find some projects, that written open, don't be hesitated just click on the new button for the new template.

when you just click on it then you will see a template box will be opened and a drop box asking for choosing a template.

so just click on the thumbnail and a couple of lists will come in front of this list just chooses Architectural templates and rest of others remain same.

now click the ok button then you are redirected to the workspace of Revit Architecture.

 now you can see the workspace of Revit Architecture.

at the top, you can see the word toolbar.




components and lots of.

at the left side, you can see the properties table where you will find the edit button and the tool you select it comes to the properties panel and you will edit your self.

At right side, you can see Project Browser panel where you can add your drawing status




3D view

location and families schedule, quantity.

                                     pic: Drawbar and modify a toolbar

then you have left lower corner to find the scale view tools here you can modify or change your current drawing view or color to another sketch or color.

so this basic thing is very much required to execute any drawing because these tools and panels are the most important part when you make your drawing.

so guys keep watching if

you want to see and want to learn  Revit so click the below link.

Revit Video

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