Is 383 Specification For Coarse And Fine Aggregates From Natural Sources For Concrete

5 Sep 2017

Civil Engineer

IS 383 is based on the specifications and properties of Fine and Coarse Aggregates, which we are collecting from natural sources.

by"Bureau of Indian Standards

so, first of all, you have to understand what this code say about the natural sources. 

so what are fine aggregates do you know?? 

yes, you know.

practically we say the fine aggregates are those which are passing through the 4.75 mm sieve or we can visually say that this material is fine aggregates.

so from natural sources we are having sand as our fine aggregates and if you thinking that the sand is only fine aggregates no my friend you are wrong in our construction site a have couple of fine aggregates material but sand is the natural fine aggregates and others are productive,

such as Cement, Dry Admixture, Fly ash, so lots of fine aggregates you could find in construction.

so in this 383 code of practice, i elaborate all these unknown methods and tell you about the differences of practically and theoretically method of classified the aggregates.

so in the page no.5, you could find what is fine aggregates  and coarse aggregates and how you will recognize it.

and also find that how the natural sand process, crushed sand process

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