Short Keys That You Have To Know If You Want To Be A Proficient In Auto Cad

23 Aug 2017

Civil Engineer


1)Grid Line on drawing space

this is the first step that you have to solve, now this is not a big deal you know! if you are comfortable with the grid lines then it is fine you can start your drawing without any hesitation.
But most of the drawing can be made without grid lines.
So for eliminating grid lines, you have two options
you can select or deselect grid line option
  grid line option you could find at right lower corner status bar.     

  if it is showing in blue color it means it is activated so click on it and deselect the grid line       option, now you can see that the black screen appears in front of you



another option is available for the faster movements, you might be heard that faster you move greater you be.

just press F7 button, if you will find any problem and you will see that the button is not been working properly or your grid line has not eliminated then Press Fn key with F7 button.

Now you will be able to see the black screen without grid line.

2) Straight Line drawing
Draw a line and you could find that the line is rotated or not straight in its direction it means the 90-degree line or ortho line is off.
so what we do we have the status bar and the ortho symbol, so just click on it and we see that the fade symbol turn to be in the blue symbol of ortho line, now you will draw a straight line or perpendicular line.

Just press F8 or if this is not working then  Press Fn with F7 and your line will straight.


3)Object Snap

when you draw a line or any sketch you could find that a rectangular green color small box is observed when you join one line to another so that check green color box is object snap.

so at the status bar, you will find the object snap logo, same as before if it is in blue color then it means it is activated and if it is in dull color then it is not activated.


just Press F3 button or if it not working then Press Fn with F3 then you will see that the checkbox will appear

                                           object snap                                       


4) Command Check Box

For press F2 you will find the command history and a command check box where you can put a command of you drawing.if it is not working then press Fn with F2.

                                        command box                                               

5)Snap On /Off

For snap on off just press F9, if this is not working then press Fn with F9 button.


6) Polar ON /Off

just pressing F10 and polar is on.

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