Simple Step To Build Your House By Autocad

5 Aug 2017

Civil Engineer


                                                             Pic1: Site Plan

Site Plan

the site plan is based on total building portion, and it means where the building is situated the total part of it with garden with parking, drainage system, lighting, meter room.when you are going to plan to construct a building or any structure, at first you need to create the site plan or you checked the whole portion of the site plan by practical then choose the survey method then sure about your dimensions then you are ready to create your drawing in AutoCAD.

Here in AutoCAD, you could have to give the site plan 1:400 scale.mainly this is the standard one for the site plan.

In this blog, you will find about the Line, how to draw? the easiest way to draw and there is two way to draw 


2.Option Click

Let's Start

How to Start??

I attach the screen shots of all individual that you need to draw your first follow this step by step option.

1)Open the AutoCAD File

       start drawing

                                                                            Pic 1: Start the drawing

2)click on the start drawing.

3)now you are in front of  Work space


                                                                            Pic2: AutoCAD Workspace

4)then press CTRL+s to save the file or go to the application menu and click on save as option and select file or folder then give any name e.g. my first drawing and click on save button.

Todays Task



Triangle draw

we are going to cover all those portions in AutoCAD.


1)Type UN on command box for set your Units means in which measurement you want to work and its precisions.

2)then you will find a box consisting of a type of measurements, precisions and angle value with sample output, from that you could find how the output comes when you draw or select the measurement type.


                                                                          Pic 3: Unit Setting Box

      unit 2

                                                 Pic 4: after fixed the measurement

After that, you have direction term in that box you should also select your direction if you don't need any changes then keep it as it is.

         unit dir

                                                                Pic 5: Direction choose

After fixing all yours unit systems you move on to the workspace for draw your first line.

3)First, go to the command box and type "L" for a line or click on line optionline on Draw box.

4)then mouse right click on the workspace by specifying your first point, then a small white box is open then give your measurement value e.g. 100. after that, you will see that specify the next point.

        start line

                                                                     Pic 6: Start a Line

then after putting your line value click again the right click on the workspace for the end that line for discontinue of line press ESC button.

       line ending

                                                      Pic 7: Line with measurement value

now your line is ready with your measurement value.


1)if you are going to draw on the same workspace then no need to change your units if you want to change your units you can.

2)same as the line you draw on a workspace.


3)specify your first point, then give a value of measurement, then enter for ending now here we are not going to press Esc button, we are going to continue our drawing, after entering button we have to give direction by the mouse pointer of 90 degrees then draw a line at 90-degree angle.



specify your line value and give (< ) angle value by pressing < button and give angle value e.g.



this is very easy guys now try first, then  I will tell you the easiest way to draw the triangle.

try !try !try!


ok now if you are done your precious triangle, now I want to suggest the techniques of doing a triangle with the easiest way.

1) Draw a line as it is you drew in the rectangle process.

2) now put your line value,e.g. 40mm or 25mm and you can see that besides the value box another box of angle (<)sign, so you don't need to do anything just you put the value of the angle in the following way:

3)put (<) angle sign after that put the angle value like 25 degrees or 45 degrees whatever value you want or


if you do not want to create a triangle with angle value or if you want to create an anonymous triangle just a draw purpose then you would put a line value, off the ortho option and connect the three point of the triangle.

                              start of triangle           

                     triangle 2


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