Basic Things You Need To Know About Autocad

4 Aug 2017

Civil Engineer

                                                                   Auto Cad Introduction

What is Auto Cad??

Mainly Auto Cad famous of it’s widely used as a design work sheet, and this drafting software can cover up all Engineering Departments.

Auto Cad also named as Computer Aided Design Software. Before Auto cad Architects and Engineers have Blue Print Paper, on that they  are fossils their ideas and detailing it, after detailing the whole papers was checked several time, to know that is there any mistake or not, But after invention of Auto Cad  ,create the drawing and checking  it is so easier and that comfortable thing can build a creative design and draft through Auto Cad.

                    AutoCAD Theme

                                                                                       Pic No-1 Logo of Auto Cad Software

Auto Cad Worksheet and Its Component

The Customize User Interface (CUI) Editor allows you to modify many of the user interface elements that are used to start a command in the program.

Customizing the user interface allows you to change the placement of the tools that you commonly use, and to add new tools that can improve your productivity. For example, if you want to add a ribbon panel containing the commands that you use most often, you can create a new Favorites ribbon panel in the CUI Editor and add it to the Home tab. The CUI Editor is divided into two parts:



  • Customize. The Customize tab allows you to create and manage the commands and elements that make up many of the features in the user interface.
  • Transfer. The Transfer tab allows you to create and save a CUIx file, and copy user interface elements between CUIx files.

The Customize tab is displayed by default, and it is organized into three panes: Customizations In, Command List, and the Dynamic Display pane.

The Customizations In pane is used to navigate to the different user interface elements that are in the loaded customization files.


Pic 2-Details of Work Sheet

Command List Pane

The Command List pane contains all of the commands available in the CUIx files that are currently loaded. You can select an existing command from the list to modify its properties or create a new command. If you create a new command, the command is added to the CUIx file that is displayed in the drop-down list near the top of the Customizations In  pane.

Dynamic Display Pane

The Dynamic Display pane displays a preview of the user interface element selected in the Customizations In pane. It allows you to edit the image of a command selected in the Command List pane, and the properties specific to the item selected in the Customizations In or Command List pane.

It consists of

  • Button Image
  • Information
  • Panel Preview
  • Properties
  • Quick Properties
  • Shortcuts
  • Toolbar Preview
  • Workspace Contents




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